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Thanks to a method invented by an experienced dental technician, the manufacture of high-quality dentures is made accessible to anyone who can take the impressions with the help of a simple instructional video.

Here’s how!
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Make your impressions.
We take care of the rest!

Kits to help make your future dentures

Items included in the kit:
Includes the kit, as well as the final steps of laboratory work.

2 complete


1 complete


1 acrylic


1 metallic



Absolutely: 2 complete prostheses at the top and bottom or 1 complete prosthesis and a plaster model of your natural teeth of the opposite jaw (we provide in the kit the elements to take this impression). On the other hand, for a partial, you do not need to already have one.

Not at all. We just need you to give us the impressions and it’s a professional lab that will take care of the rest. Your part is however essential, because it lays the foundations for the steps that will be done in the laboratory.

These are the same materials and tools used by dental professionals. The teeth are Ivoclar brand (one of the most recognized teeth brands in the world).

Yes, the lab received all of the European and North American certifications to carry out superior quality rated work.

Generally in fact, dentists do not manufacture dentures. They are made by subcontractors: dental technicians. So, to answer your question: Yes, the dentures are of good quality, since they are made by qualified and experienced dental technicians.

Either you are satisfied, or you get a refund for your kit.

It takes 5 working days to receive the kit and approximately 20 days to receive your new dentures.

In the kit, you will find a small tool to scrape rough parts yourself. You’ve had dentures before, so you know there are always some adjustments.



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Interview with Denis Lévesque, aired on May 29th, 2019

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If you are unable to do the work yourself or with some help, and / or if the new dentures do not suit you, then simply request a refund.  Note: The lab acrylic process is not refundable.

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